On the paths between towns ( Quest)

The wildmen have been attacking and destroying caravans going to Farmsrest to cut them off from the rest of Gorder. They’ve enlisted the help of the shadowfur tribe ( Barghosts) to help destroy the caravans. Although they kill anyone who comes to Farmsrest they’ve really go out to destroy any imperial caravans that come by cause they want to keep any Rosa out of Farmsrest so that the orcs will lose it and lash out at the farmrest community.

The adventure will most likely start with Mayor Bromwick requesting that they come to his house to discuss a problem that has arisen in Farmsrest.
" Our town depends on trade brought in from the other towns but the paths leading to and fro have been swarmed with bandit and wildmen activity. Travelers, traders, imperial caravans are all being stopped. We need those paths cleared. I’ve already asked Rikky Tikky and he’s group to help but i’d also like you to get involved. Could you head to the imperial outpost and ask them to clear the roads?"
Bromwick will at first offer no monetary reward hoping that they will do for the towns benefit. If they push he’ll say he’s treasury is nearly empty from paying them for the thieves and the bogglewogs but he can offer 25 gold total to help clear the paths.

Encounters on the road.

el1 Destroyed farmers cart.
Up ahead you can see a farmers wagon that has been pushed on it’s side. Hay and boxes lay stranded about. A chicken flaps about wildly and a dead horse with several javalins lies at the front. A human body is stretched out near the wagon with a javalin in his chest. Looting the remains of the wagon are near naked humans wielding clubs and spears. Their painted red and black all over their bodies. As you approach they stop what their doing and get out javalins from quivers on their back. One of them is a huge looking Rorg tua who wields a massive two handed war club. He roars a challenge at you from a distance.

Their are three wildman savages, one wildmen brute and a wildmen druid using flaming hands and the entangle spell. They will throw their javalins at a distance till they get close than they will close in to fight.

The cart contains hay, three sacks of grain, two boxes of apples, a bottle of cheap wine, a small chest with a good lock ( dc 20 to open. ) which has seed pouches for several herbs.
Golden sage, ( When dried can provided a extra point of healing for natural rest.)
Sipplemint ( When grown and dried can be made into a delicious tea.)

The body
This man looks to be a simple Aldrin farmer. He wears a straw hat and dirty clothing. contains 6 silver pieces. 12 copper pieces and a single gold piece. He also has a wooden symbol to the emperial god of roads on his chest. He has a crappy dagger in his belt.

el2: Imperial warning.
_You approach a grisly site. Naked bodies hang from trees here where they swing in the light wind. As you get closer you can see that their all imperials and that grisly messages have been cut into their skin. Mostly old tribal symbols meant for dishonoring the victim ( Dc 15 local knoweledge check ) and symbols meant to curse the bearer, something only done by witches. _

Their are eight ghouls here. when the pcs move into the center where they can ambush the best they will tug on the ropes and fall to the ground. Than they will rapidly charge at the pcs till dead.

El3: Lone defender.
_As you come to the peak of a hill you see a battle going on down below. Two wagons are being attacked by wildmen who are chanting war cries in their shrilly voices. The wagons horses have been killed by javalins and the people who look to be simpe travelers are either hiding in the wagons or trying to fight them off with bows and clubs. A single imperial soldier seems to be leading them as he fights at the front holding the savages off. _

Wagon defenders:
Bowmen (3)
hp: 7
ac: 12
attack: ( Bow) +2 1d6.

Clubmen: ( 2)
hp 8
ac 12
attack (club) +3 1d6 +1

Imperial soldier ( Lince)
see npcs.


savages attacking with javalins.
( 6 )
two brutes.
two healing druids.
one ogre who appears mid fight with two other savages.

The guard will introduce himself as Lince of Olintun who has made it his duty to protect these farmers on their way back to Farmsrest. He’ll offer them one of two of his potions of healing if they are hurt. He can also inform them, if he knows who they are, that they are impressing the higher ups at the outpost. They’ve created quite a buzz with the good work their doing at farmsrest. If it comes up he’ll also mention that Allbright is a racist asshole.

El4: Demon wolves in the shadows.
_You approach what looks like a abandoned caravan. Three massive wagons lay stretched out everywhere. On the corners of the wagons large blue flags of the imperials flutter in the wind. Blood and guts are everywhere but their are no bodies. Discarded weapons such as long steel spears and swords lie in the dust. You can places on the wagons where great claw marks have been made. _

The wagons contain no real loot except shredded chests and boxes that have already been looted. The wagons wheels have been destroyed so that they can go nowhere.

Looking for tracks that will find what looks like a massive struggle on the road. Human footprints and wolves intermangle but their are also long fingered hand prints as well.

El5 Harold the destroyer.
_" As you walk down the path a small man leaps out from the bushes into the middle of the path. He wears several layers of clothing which you think he uses for makeshift armor and carries a buckler on one arm that looks like a old barrel top and in the other a rusty and nicked short sword. A old metal helmet rests on his head. He’s a small fellow, almost malnourished looking but he waves he’s sword at you. " Throw down your weapons and your money pouches or prepare yourself to die at the hands of Harold the DESTROYER!" _

Harold was a member of Korliffs band of bandits but they threw him out because he’s useless.
Ac: 12
hp 7
Attack ( Shortsword) 1d6 damage.

Harold has two silver pieces on him and a copper ring.

Harold is easily killed but if captured he can give information. He’ll tell them that bandit leaders have been approached by wildmen offering them gold and whatever loot they can get if they keep travelers and imperial guards out of farmsrest. Wildmen are also attacking caravans. He can name several bandits in the area.
Korliff and his band.
Torin the bad along with a band of broken spears.
A large ogre called Ulk who beats his victims in with his fist.
A bandit chief called Baron Rish lord of bandits who leads the largest group of bandits in the area. A gnoll called Rak has joined with him who has a powerful magic weapon he stole from the mages guild on the other island.
Strange wolves have been attacking caravans. He hears them at night and he’s seen their work on the empty caravans they leave behind. They never leave bodies behind.

El6: Baron Rish lord of bandits.

You should make spot checks ( dc 25) to see bandits hiding in the woods. If they don’t succeed let them past the first wave of bandits and read the following.
Walking down the path a group of men and hobgoblins emerge from the woods. They all wear leather armor and most of them boast scars of fights past on theirs arms and faces. Man using swords, axes, shields, spears take to the front lead by a large armored hobgoblin using a greatsword while men using bows and crossbows stay behind. Two of the men stand out to you. One is a handsome man wearing quality breastplate armor and holding a lance and a heavy shield. He rides atop a brown horse. He seems to be directing the men. The other is a man wearing torn and dirty looking purple and gold robes. Dirty and fading symbols decorate the edges of his robes. The man himself is old with a white beard and he scowls at you from a distance. Suddenly you hear something behind you and you turn to see a another group of men behind you lead by a nasty looking gnoll. Looks like a bit of his nose was taken off leaving a scarred mass of tissue. In his hands he clutches a spiked ball on a chain with a handle. The ball part is covered with sigils that seem to flicker blue. He grins nastily at you. The leader shouts above his men so you can hear him.
" Hear me well Travelers, You face Baron Rish, lord of bandits. If you throw down your weapons and give us your gold you will be allowed to continue, but if you don’t you will be killed here…"

Their are 15 bandits in the front. 10 melee fighters and five bowmen. Their are also Skrull the hobgoblin captain, Baron and Lordic.

In the back their is Rak the gnoll and 5 melee fighters.

Baron is lying about letting the pcs past. He just wants them to throw down their weapons to make killing them easier.

Melee fighters:
ac 16
hp 10
Attack ( Long sword.) 5 1d82
int+ 3

Range fighters.
ac 13
hp 7
attack ( bow) + 4 to hit 1d6 dmg
int +5

Hp 28:
int: 6
Melee ( greatsword) +7 2d6
Loot: Breastplate imperial armor, masterwork greatsword, 25 gp and strong whiskey in a miltary flask.

Baron Rish:
hp: 44
Ac: 22
int: 4
Attack ( Light lance. ) 1d6
Attack ( Magic longsword 2) 12 to hit 1d8+8
feats: Mounted combat.
Ride skill: +14
Aura: Allies around him gain a +2 to hit and to their ac.
loot: Masterwork breastplate, light lance, magic +2 longsword, heavy steel shield. 50 gold pieces, 1 golden ring set with a emerald ( 100 gp worth) and and a silver ring with golden symbols carved in the inside ( Ring of protection +2) A potion of cure moderate wounds.

Ac 12
hp 15
Attack ( small fireballs, two per round) 4 to hit 1d64 fire damage.
Attack ( Dagger) +1 to hit 1d4.
Spells: Summon personal demon. ( see stats below.) Takes three rounds to summon.
Burning hands and magic missle.
Loot: Symbol of the Umbrils ( Ancient imperial cult that uses demons for their personal use.) 30 gp, 1 ruby and a dagger.

Rak the gnoll.
Rak has a magic weapon of electricity and is a fairly tough fighter.
( Flail of electricity)
Magical heavy flail 2
1d6 electricity damage.
Can strike the ground once per day to cause electricity to surge through the ground dealing 3d10 damage to anyone in a 30 feet radius of him.
Gets energy protection against electricity ( 10 resistance.)
hp: 37
ac: 18:
Attack: ( Magic flail +2) +7 damage 1d6 and 1d10 + 4
Loot, Magic flail, studded leather armor 25 gp.

The group has around 200 gold pieces on all the fighters. The special men have their own loot.

El7 Torin the bad.

Torin will attack the pcs with four hobgoblin bandits.

El8: Orcs and apes:
“Ahead you see a battle raging between a group of tough looking orcs and a large ape with four arms. At first glance this creature looks like an albino gorilla but it has four arms. It also has long teeth and razor sharp claws. You can see two orcs lying on the ground dead and a imperial soldier who’s head has been crushed. Another four armed gorilla lays nearby with several arrows sticking out of it including one in it’s left eye. Slashes across his chest also suggest it was attacked with the orcs axes.

Look to Girallon for stats on monster.

Their are three orc grunts fighting.

Once the battle is done the orcs will take a moment to stop and talk and smoke some Rosa. They tell them that they are the normal patrol for this area but a rise of attacks have dropped their numbers considerably. Their gonna retreat back to olintun to recover but will likely make camp first.
Names for orcs.

dead orcs have 10 gp each. The captain has 30 gp but it’s unlikely that any surviving orcs will let you loot the bodies.

El9:Charlies Wondering Emporium.
_Around the bend in the path you see a pretty remarkable sight. A large blue house wagon is being pulled by a great beast. The hulking biped has the mass of a giant. It has a stooped frame. A grey hairless body and broad shoulders. Its arms, which clutch at two poles of the wagon so it can pull it, are long and sinewy. It’s sloped forehead bears six small yellow eyes. It’s mouth is wide and powerful looking, filled with black teeth. On top of the wagon smoking a pipe is a blonde heavy hand who has a large crossbow strapped to his back. He stands up as you approach and whistles. The massive beast stops and slumps to the ground to rest while the man steps down from the wagon. " Welcome to Charlies Wondering Emporium, I have everything for your traveling needs. With a single hand he opens a slot in the wagons door to reveal a wide variety of objects. necklaces hang over bottles of green liquids. A strange mummified hand clutching a white orb is displayed proudly. A box of rings of all types is in the center. Other strange things such as a rabbits foot. _

Charlie will try to sale his fake stuff for good cash.
Trolls blood: claims it Will give you the healing abilities of a troll in a days time. ( 25 gp each)
Lucky necklaces, ( 10 gp.)
Hand of the orb: Claims it will tell you when magic is being used to spy on you. ( 100 gp)
Rabbits foot ( 5gp)
Charlies cure all. Claims it will cure whatever disease you may catch ( 50 gp)

However if it’s obvious that the pcs have actual money and aren’t that interested in his fake inventory he’ll reveal a hidden panel holding his more value able wares.

Javalin of lightening: 1500 gp.
four Potions of cure light wounds. ( 50 gp each.)
Potion of haste ( 750 gp)
Darkvision potion ( 300)
invisibilty potion. ( 300)
Bracers of armor +1 ( 1000)
Boots of elvenkind ( 2500)
Crossbow repeating light ( 250. )
5 Alchemist fires( 20 )
Smokestick ( 20)
Rations one week ( 3 gp and 5 sp)
Tanglefoot bag ( 50 gp)
Holy water ( 25 gp)

The witch doctor.

Ahead on the road you see a small hunched brown man standing in the center of the road. He wears a large wooden mask that covers not only his face but also his chest. Clutched in his hand is a huge bull like skull. At his side are two gaunt pale man. You can see pieces of skin is missing from their arms and legs. Their heads are bald and theirs eyes are white. They are still like and holding deer skulls with great horns on them.
" Holt Chosen!" yells out the man. " You slaughter your allies and friends. Why have you chosen to aid the empire against the people of Gorder.

The witch doctors name is Goran and he is the last of the Sun Thorn clan. He is one of the leaders of the wildmen resistance.

Goren lived in a simple village near farmsrest. His people refused to accept the empire rule but otherwise did nothing but live in their village harming no one. A patrol of heavily armed soldiers heard that their was a village that refused their rule. Lead by a zealous Shining lance they slaughtered the village. Goren and a few others fled to Farms rest hoping to be sheltered their. Instead the people turned them in fearing the empires wrath. Goren slipped away though and fostered his hatred for the empire and the residents of Farmsrest.

hp: 37
ac 17 ( 19 under cats grace)
Attack ( Stone dagger.) 4
Fort +6
Spirit charge.
Can summon the spirits of a bull and two stags to charge the players. The attack deals 4d6 for 50 feet ahead, Reflex of 20 dodges the whole attack.
Summon spirits of Tellanmoon.
Goren has stored the spirits of the boggle worg village in a totem that he made of the chiefs bone leg. Spirits will emerge and attacks the pcs trying to destroy them.

Hp: 1
ac 15
Attack ( hands) 4 1d4 damage. 1d4 strength or con damage

Confusion, Cats grace, Poison, Entropic shield, Melfs acid arrow ( 3 rounds) Vampiric touch (3d6) Mage armor.

The creatures next to him are powerful ghouls.

hp 40
ac 15
Attack ( claws.) 6 1d83 plus ghouls touch.
Damage reduction 10/ fire

On the paths between towns ( Quest)

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