unstable lands

Protect Farmers home:
" As you clear the brush you see a thatched house surrounded by humans with a single man on the roof. At first it looks like a crazed mob but as you look closer you see that are acting very strange. Many are actually trying to climb the house to the roof with their bare claws and their screaming in strange shrilly voices that hurt your eardrums."

" Getting closer you see that the attackers might have once been human but now are changed beyond believe. Their eyes are shrunken in and the skin on their limbs has shrunk to the bone. Their hands have become long and claw like and their bodies are covered in red inflame flesh that streaks across their bodies.. You can see a few of the vile creatures crashing into the huts door trying to get in and you can scared screaming on the other side."

Changed humans:
ac 15
damage reduction 30/fire.
attack: +8 1d6 +5
full attack: two claws.
( Can be hacked to bits. each limb has a hitpoint of five and only 10 damage reduction.. Most have all the limbs and head cut of to render the creature destroyed.)
Screech: 1d10 +5 ( 30 cone affect) fort save dc 18 saves vs being deafened stunned and damage.

Gorden: ( Human archer.)
hp 25
ac 18:
attack +4 ( 1d6 damage +1d4 fire damage.)

Gorden will be thankful for the help if he survives. He can tell the pcs that their are more and more of these creatures on the raise along with strange woman who command them..

" You notice on the chest of one of the creatures a painted symbol of a hand with only two fingers.. " Thats the mark of the witches." Gorden says walking over."

Bone witch encounter:
" you see a lone figure on a hill looking down upon you. Her face is hidden behind a white mask with red stripes around the eyes. long white hair flows from behind her head and in her hand is a long staff with a skull at the top. She starts crackling madly and suddenly you see corpsers coming over the ridge, their bellies to the floor as they squirm towards you their claws ready to rip."

hp 30
ac 17
attack claw 7 1d64.
Grapple: + 10
( automatic damage 2d6+8)

Bone witch:
hp 40
ac 20

Black tentacles.
Fireball ( 7d6)
Hold person ( dc 16.)
daze 2( no actions.)

The burning of Goreds rest:

" When you finally arrive at Goreds rest you find it burning. You can hear the screams of people below. You think you can see figures running amok inside though it’s to far to see what they are."

" You pass underneath the burning gate and see villagers running away from the vicious creatures from before. They rip into their flesh with glee. You see a single imperial soldier trying to hold back the swarm. Nearby you hear the crashing sound of a house falling down.

" A towering figure crashes through the marketplace stepping on people as it thrashes it’s way through knocking down homes. It’s a mutilated hill giant. Spikes stick out of his flesh and his eye lids have been removed. It’s skin has been torn to bits by hooks and knives. The animal like giant roars as it knocks over another house."

" You hear a trumpet blow and moving up the street is a wall of shields. The imperial guard dressed up in full plate and wielding massive tower shields and pikes are pushing their way down the street. The vicious changelings charge against the shields but are cut down and slashed to pieces by the guards. Every once in a while a line of archers will fire behind the shield sending flaming arrows into the horde of monsters."

" Suddenly their a explosion of fiery wood from one of the upper stories and a huge monster with a goat like head crashes to the ground. The creatures gets up and turns it glare at the shield of walls and you notice that the changelings seem to gather about him. Above where theirs a massive hole a single witch stands glaring down at the imperial legion.

" A corpser comes slithering out of a door and starts towards you."

Corpses on the hills:
" You see a mound of corpses still burning. As you get closer you can see they are changelings that have been hacked and sliced. "

" Orc horde and a wagon."

" You hear the sounds of battle and as you peak ahead you see a group of of fully plate soldiers wearing black armor and long wicked looking swords fighting changeling.. They also have tower shields which have the Emblem of the empire. ( a crown.) on them. Their chanting something and poontang ears pick it up as a mix of orc battle chants mixed with imperial commands. Behind them is a massive wagon made of wood and steel. a large orange furred oxe like beasts pulls the heavy thing. At the top you can see a soldier peeking out of a trap door and holding a metal tube that spews flames unto the changelings. At the wagons sides are long blades that could cut through armor and flesh if the wagon was moving. You hear the Chink of crossbows and several changelings are sent stumbling back from the wagon with massive bolts in their chests. At the wagons back is small mounted arblast. The group seems to easily handle the changelings burning them or simply cutting them to bits.

War wagon.
Fire hose:
Takes one inside the wagon to pump and another to shoot the flames. One barrel of oil can shoot three times. ( 3d6 fire damage plus 1d6 fire damage for three rounds or until the fire is put out.)
Masterwork large balanced crossbows ( four of them.)
War blades ( 3d10 damage to those who are hit by them at full speed.

Black horde orcs.
Ac 23, f 22 t11.
hp 55
attack 12+ ( 1d8+8)
combat reflexes, ( one extra attack.)
power attack and cleave.

Orc overseer:
Same stats as above except wielding a greatsword. ( 19 ac.)
War cry. ( Gives a war cry to rally his troops giving a 4+ to attack 2+ to ac.)
Powerful blow ( Once per day can strike a blow that does more damage doubling his strength damage 12+ to damage.)
Push the troops. Can push his troops to run faster running 30 instead of 20.

Trial base:
" As you peek over the ridge of a hill you can a stone fortress surrounded by a wall and imperial soldiers standing guard. Inside you can see several buildings including a armory and a large stone stable in which you can see more of those oxe like beasts inside. Outside seems to be a training ground as those orcs in armor fence against each other."

Enemies. Black horde orcs.

Girrallon ridin by a debuffing wizard.

Wizard stats
( Protected by protection from arrows.)
23 ac.
hp 23
Spells: Slow, daze, stinking cloud, lightening bolt ( 6d6.) crushing despair.

Trapped forest sloth. ( These creature is caged and whipped inside one of the buildings.)
" You enter the large circular building. Theirs only one thing of note and thats a massive cage which contains a huge hairy beast. The creature is an ancient forest sloth, the creature that once long ago represented the dangerous power of Gorder wildlands. The creature looks like a combination of bear and rat with huge teeth and brown fur. The creature is scarred all over and has chains that hold him down. It barely looks up as you enter."

Stable ( full of oxe creatures and a war wagon.)
" This large barn like building is full of hay and fences to cage the animals. Their are horses and several large orange oxe like beasts. In the center is one of the large wagons that you saw with the orcs.

Wizards hut ( full of scrolls randomly rolled and one magical minor item.)

Armory ( One random magic weapon.)
" This room is hot making you sweat as you step inside. Several forges are bellowing and you can can hear the hiss of water on hot metal. Dwarfs are running about making weapons, armors and shield plating. You can see a weapon rack at the end which is full of blades and axes. In the center is a warhammer with golden writing."

The war hammer is a thundering shock weapon +2.

Ogre imperial gaurds:
hp 40
ac 23
Attack 15 reach, Halbard + 11 ( 2d8+13)

West Gorder:

Home of a silversword.

  • The grassy plains of Western Gorder are more open than you are use to. Making your way up and down the hills you see a small thatched house up ahead. It’s surrounded by pikes on which the heads of wererats and werewolves have been placed. Theirs about 15 of these grisly trophies spread about the yard. The door to the house has been shattered to pieces and the porch stone is covered in red dried blood.*


  • Laying in front of the door on it’s back is a massive werewolf with a silver sword sticking in it’s chest. Across the room is a man laying on the ground with his back against the wall. In his hand he carries a small bloody dagger and in the other a small metal box. His throat has been slit. You also notice a large bite wound on his arm, the werewolf properly bit him their.*

Inside the box is two cure moderate wounds, three diamonds worth 250 each and a piece of paper designating a Martin Almstaff as a silversword hired by the Silvermoon clan to hunt and destroy lycanthropes. It gives him permission to wear armor in Western Gorder. Also two Wolvesbanes tea bags. ( 2+ to saves against the animal curse when taken.)

Wagon of werewolves:

  • You see ahead a wagon coming down the road. At it’s head is a man in white robes holding a staff with a diamond at the top. Behind him march six men in iron armor with silver swords and emblems of the silvermoons on their breastplate. In the wagon you can see several furry bodies. Several wererats and a couple of werewolves.*

The man at the head is Shinesun. He’s part of the clearing brigade who hunt down wererats into their caves and destroy them before they can spread the disease. He isn’t to interested in the pcs as he has to get a move on.

Old silvermoon mansion:
" Hidden away between a few trees is a mansion surrounded by a small five feet stone wall. It’s grand in style and has silvermoon architucture. Next to the regal door is a large clay statue with glimmering silvermoon markings all over it. Scattered about are several wererat bodies and even a werewolf."

The door is blocked and takes a 20 strength check to open it:

" The wide entrance room is full of cots and blankets. Several people are lied out here in many states of injury. As soon as you enter suddenly 5 man holding long spears with silver blades swarm towards you holding their weapons menacingly. " Who are you!" The tallest man asks " Did you lead any thropes with you?"

The leader is called Undurt. He’s taking care of refuges from Brimble and has taken shelter in this mansion where the golem outside has been protecting them. He has barricaded the door and placed several traps.

Going to Wil-Shins Temple.

  • Ahead you see the overgrown bush and trees untouched by the lumberjacks of years past who turned this land into grassland. It all leads down into a canyon.*
  • You walk for a ways and eventually the ground evens out and the trees and bushes are left behind. Instead you encounter large pools of greenish water and a single path that weaves it’s way through.*

Maggot like creatures live in these pools.

Maggot huge.

100 hp
ac 17
attack 8 ( 1d103)
Reach 20 to 30 feet.

Should Whin-Sin arrives in 10 rounds.

  • As you fight the massive creatures you hear the sudden beat of giant wings and turning you can see a great beast with the heads of a lion, a goat and a great green dragon come flying down towards you. On it’s back is a strange pale humoniod with 6 arms. Strapped to it’s back are two rods that glow with magical power and the creatures wears plain black robes. It’s large alien like eyes stare down at you. In one hand he carries a green gem which he holds and suddenly greenish lights falls upon all of you and the worm like creatures yield and go back into the greenish waters. " What brings the chosen to my doorstep when the rest of the world has forgotten my presence." He asks in a strange quivering voice.

He’ll take them to his temple.

  • You approach a great aztac like temple. You walk up the steps and you notice several great metal statues made of purple like steel. You can’t help but feel like your being watched by these large sentinals. Getting to top you enter where the walls are decorated with art and history of Gorders past. As you walk through you notice a room that seems to be a armory, Swords and axes and spears of all types are here, their blades marked with ancient magical siguls. One has a eerie blue glow all around the sword and another axe seems to have vines growing around the shafts and parts of the blade. You also walk through several rooms which hold massive gems and large rods and staffs of magical power of display. You can even see bone charms hanging from a stand. Their are not many people here. You do see some people in brown robes who quickly shuffle out of the way. In their hands are staffs with green gems at the top. Finally you arrive in a round room. In the center is a large glass sphere sit in the middle of a padastral. Whin Shin Approaches and places two of his spindly hands around it. " Now let me see what fate intends.."
    He says."*

Poontang: " All of Gorder hears the rumors of the orc who travels with the chosen. The orc who slays giants and declared himself the new bandit king and licks anything in his way. the stories of you grow and yet your biggest story is yet to come. You are being groomed to fight a powerful foe, one who is stronger than you. You may die in the coming battle with him but only you have the power to stop him. If you survive you may have a chance to become a king of a ancient and forgotten race but only if you survive."

Patrick: " You are a powerhouse of fiery magic but you can do little else. What will you do when their isn’t a call for fire and destruction and what will you do when the blades of your foes come close and you have no friends to protect you. You will die than but you have a chance to avoid this. Watch your step and beware, a old friend skulks the shadows and contemplates your doom."

Ghronk: " I saw you were beaten by crazed Gricko Oriz, do not blame him for his actions. He saw terrible things in the pit and his mind is not his own. Before insanity took him he was a noble warrior who waged war with the growing power of the hag mother. Now he clings to that last bit of humanity and fights her minions though it is a losing battle. Seek him out and take back your blade but choose his fate carefully, he is a broken man.

Loriz: You run around Gorder looking for a army to lead against the empire and yet you know of one of the most powerful armies of Gorder and you do not call on them. Don’t you think it’s time for the Grickos to come out from their crumbling fortress into the sun and face their ancient hated enemy once more? To remind Gorder why the Grickos were once so feared. I think so.."

Ghobonze: " You are the last of your kind Alisoun. Their is only one other, a slave beaten till his skin scars and he he’s eyes cut out. The last Alisoun blacksmith held hostage, your last brother but am not the only one who knows of this am I? ( Looks at Loriz.) Your presence is reawekaning the ancient forests. Perhaps when the hag mother dies you’ll finally find a place and restore Gorder."

Each can ask for a boon or a answer to a question.

unstable lands

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