One time encounters.

Vengeance of the servent.
Gibble the boggle servant of the Ettin blood witch wants revenge for his masters death and is using all of his former master power to get it.
He has with him 5 bone monsters, 10 ghouls and a undead bear monster.
Bone monsters

Bone monsters ( 5)
hp 30
ac 17
Attack ( two claws +4 2d6)
Grapple +8 ( When grappled the bone monster get instant hits until the pc is ungrappled.)

Ghouls: See manual.

Zombie bear:
Hp: 51
ac 15
Attack claws: 11+ 1d8+8

5th level rogue.
hp 40
Speed: 45.
Ac: 26 ( 6 plus dex, Studded leather +2, ring of protection + 3 buckler.)
Attack: ( Blow gun greater magical +1) 10
1d4 damage plus poison.
Attack: Small dagger of holding. ( When stabbed in place the dagger affects the user as if by a hold person spell) 4+ 1d4+2
Special attacks.
Bottle of Boggle souls: When released the souls of a entire boggle village attack a single victim. The victim must make both a will save and fort save of 20. If he fails his fort save he loses 1 con damage, 1d4 strength and dex damage. If he fails his will save he becomes possessed and will attack other players. Every round he can attempt to make another will save to over come the ghost. Even if he makes it he must continue to roll will saves every round to avoid losing control.
Bottle of Trog stench: Dc 13 or be sickened for 15 rounds.
Other items:
Boots of striding and jumping.
Bones of magical power. ( Can do the following)
Expeditious retreat, 3 cure moderate wounds, Stone skin ( 20)
Dust of teleport: Can teleport 60 feet away.

Large scorpion venom: ( DC 18) 1d6 strength, another 1d6 strength next round.
Deadly nightshade: ( dc 17) 2d6 additional points of damage. 1d6 points of damage next round.
Mindless flower sap: ( dc 20) 2 rounds as if you were confused.
Ghouls blood poison ( Dc 14) Target cannot move.

The frog has left two things for his escape, first he a tree branch pulled back to knock players over if the trip the wire. ( 5 feet back 1d6 damage.)
And a enhanced bone monster.

Enhanced bone monster:
hp 40
ac 18
Attack ( two claws,5 2d82) Saps strength 1d4 on a successful hit.
Grapple: 10+
When grappling it can stare into the eyes of it’s foe and try to drain a level. will save Dc 17)

Spelled assassin.

( This encounter should happen in a crowded bar or inn.)

_As you sit enjoying your wine you notice a rather drunk man approaching your table. He is unarmed except for a small dagger tucked away in his belt. In his hand he carries a white wine bottle. He stops in front of your table " Are you _____?"

If the pcs informs him that he is he’ll release the bottle of souls containing the spirits of the village Greenpole ( Boggleward village.)
(Bottle of Boggle souls: When released the souls of a entire boggle village attack a single victim. The victim must make both a will save and fort save of 20. If he fails his fort save he loses 1 con damage, 1d4 strength and dex damage. If he fails his will save he becomes possessed and will attack other players. Every round he can attempt to make another will save to over come the ghost. Even if he makes it he must continue to roll will saves every round to avoid losing control.)

The victim can be soothed by a cleric and must of the spirits will disperse except for the spirit of the boggle chieften ( Burr) who will stubbornly hang on and continue to try and gain control. Only a few people can drive out the spirit, a powerful cleric or a strong wildmen shaman.

The assassin will draw his dagger yelling " For the mistress. " he’ll fight to the death.
Hp 12
Attack poison dagger ( 7 1d42)
Poison: 1d6 con damage.

The assassin doesn’t have much on him. Two silver coins, a copper ring ( worth 1 gold) and a necklace containing a grainy reddish stone that will crumble into dust if touched.

( The assassin is a charmed peasant who was bewitched by a witch and sent to try and damage the pcs Using Biggles bottle of souls.)

Allbrights Revenge:

Allbright wants revenge for losing his position at Farmrest. He’s hired a group of sellswords at the capital and gone after the chosen group.
A group of armored men approach you. They are imperial but their not wearing the uniform of a soldier. At their head is a man wearing a hooded cloak over his face. Getting closer he takes he’s hood off to reveal that it’s Allbright, the former captain of Farmrest. He doesn’t look well as he’s dirty and tired looking. " Are these the guys?" One of the imperial man ask. " Yes, " Albright says drawing his sword from his scabbard, " I want their heads on pikes."

Armored thugs: ( 4)
ac 20
hp 25
Attack ( Longsword 6 1d83)

Ac 23
hp 40
Attack ( Longsword + 10 1d8+4)
( Magical loot longsword +2)

Cleric to boccob
ac 18
hp 30
attack ( quarterstaff 4 1d62)
1 hold person 1 cure moderate wounds 4 cure light wounds.

The thugs fight till Allbright is dead. Allbright meanwhile is swearing revenge and trying to kill the group. He’ll tell the group to go after the wizard.
The thugs will back off gathering their dead if they can if Allbright is dead.

( Loot, 100 gold pieces.)


  • A Heavy Hand with long black hair wearing fine merchant clothes approaches you stumbling about, he seems very drunk as he gets closer*
    Spot dc 20:
  • You can see under his hair that he’s eyes are a dim pale color and have no pupils and his skin is pale almost beyond believe.*

Once the breathdrinker gets close enough he’ll release the breathdrinker.
The man stops in front of swaying back and forth and than suddenly he’s head snaps back and a golden vapor emerges from his mouth and nose and takes the shapes of angry woman who swoops down upon you.

The spirit will only attack one person until destroyed.

The man has a three golden rings ( 25 each) and a necklace with a red stone that crumbles to the touch. A arcane symbol has been carved on his neck and a arcane check ( dc10) reveals that it’s a symbol of binding usually put on tribal items to imbue them with a spirits power.

Gang of controlled farmers.
A group of men approach you. They wear simple farmer clothing but are carrying lumberjack axes. They stop fifty feet in front of you. At the head is a old crone with green skin and a head full of long straggly white hair. She leans heavily on a twisted staff and speaks to you in a croaky voice. " You have crossed the wrong people chosen. The Witches will have your head…."

Time for response.

The men suddenly cry out in pain and suddenly their limbs bulge and get bigger. Their eyes begin to glow red and froth dripples from their mouths.
One round later and they attack. The witch lets lose with a blast of purple energy from her staff.

Enhanced bewitched farmers:
hp: 20
ac: 13
Attack +8 ( 1d8 + 6)

hp 25
ac 15
Attack 2 ( 1d62)
Heat Metal ( range 25, 2d4 damage holding the weapon)
Weakening blast 2d6 1d4 strength damage. ( 4 times per day.)
Charm person. ( Dc 15)

The farmers all have the ruby pendants that crumble to the touch if the wearer is dead. Otherwise theirs no real loot on them.

Battle at the fortress.

" You approach the wooden walls of the old bandit fortress. It seems more lively than before and their are certainly more people than when you left. As you approach the gates you notice almost three dozens archers watching your warily. Some wear leather armor and peasents garb and others wear almost nothing dressed in the style of wildmen tribes with war paint across their bare skin. The grounds are covered with burnt bodies of changelings. Suddenly you hear Telons voice crying out from the gate. " Open the gates! The chosen and his allies have arrived! Don’t dilly dally"

" Inside you can see that the place is full of hustle and bustle as people move about their business storing food and preparing weapons. You can see woman and children and many men with weapons. Telon comes rushing down from the gate breathless. " Your back! I’ve been busy without you as you can see. What news do you bring?"

Telon will listen to their news and comment than he’ll introduce them to their new group leaders that have come.

" Allow me to introduce you to Grond," Telon says as a large wildmen steps forward. His body is covered with red warpaint and he clutches a great club. " Grond was once a general in Roeriks rebel army but he deserted after it became clear that Roerik had gone to far by releasing the hag bitch. Now he’s sworn to do what he can to fix the wrongs done by his leader."
Grond nods his head " I will protect Gorder" He says in a gutteral voice."

Telon leads you away " Perhaps at some point you should talk to Grond. He knows the whereabouts of Roerik and if we could some how displace Roerik and put one of our man in place we could control the entire rebel army."

He takes you to a group of Rioga tua who were cooking dinner over a fire togather. They stand up as you approach. They are dressed in leather armor covered in runes and many wield battle clubs and long spears. " These are the Tua warriors that came with the refuges. They claim they were lead here by their ancestors."
One of them steps forward towards Ghronz " I heard a voice" He says " It told me we were the last of our clan, all the others have been wiped out by the hag mother. It told me we might all die but if we wanted to save Gorder we are to follow the tua who protects the Chosen. The one called the blade of Gorder. We swear our oaths to you. We are at your command."

Telon finally leads you to the orcs whom you notice have doubled in number. " This is Wortsword" Telon says as a large scarred orc steps forward taking large drinks from a tankard. " He is a warlord from the orc islands. He’s here to try and help us find a cure for his people and to talk terms of our alliance if we succeed."

" Ah that is true though their would much conflict back at the islands if the other warlords found out I was here. Some like the clink of the empires gold in their coffers." He turns to Poontang " I had heard that a great orc was in Gorder. They did not mention your size. Perhaps one day you will return back to your homeland, We need more orcs like you helping us end the imperial overlords.."

" Suddenly you hear someone yelling at the gates. They open and a man in a horse runs into the courtyard. " An army approaches!" He yells " Changelings, Witches, Monsters of strange sorts, I even saw giants! We have to prepare!"

" in the distance you see them. A horde of crazed changelings scrambling over each other. Groups of witches move slowly forward and two massive hill giants behind them. A group of what looks like six legged crocodiles and cocktrices are to one side being lead by a scaly woman who’s face is hidden behind a mask. Their are also wildmen dressed in bone armor. They come to rest just outside of arrow range a single man walks forward until he’s almost at the gates. He’s wearing bone armor and clutching a flag that shows a long clawed hand. " These lands belong to the hag mother now. Witness her power." With that he he raises a horn to his mouth and blows sending the trumpet sound to the skies. A moment later a great winged creature flies out out of the clouds and swoops over the fortress before landing behind the army. Cries of fear ring out. " They have a dragon! " Someone shouts.
The man below laughs " You have two options, swear yourselves to the hag mother or be destroyed!"

This man is armored lightly with twisted breastplate. A black helmet is over his head his face. He has no weapons but the flash around his arms to shift about and change and he crackles madly at you. He sounds familer.
Harold Changed.
speed 70
hp 78
ac 22
damage reduction 15. /10 fire
Regenration 5/fire.
Attack: fling: Grapple ( + 14) sends the victim flying 40 feet away dealing no damage but has to roll to see if he isn’t dazed 15 dc.
Attack axe hands: Harold’s hands change into massive bone axe blades and do 1d12 10 damage and causes the bleeding effect ( minus 2 hp per round.) To hit is a +10
Attack mace hands: His hands change into large fleshy mace and is quite long. does 1d8
7 damage and knocks the victim back five feet. 10 feet reach 11
Bite +6 ( 1d6

Snake witch can cast 4rth level druid spells.

Bone warriors ( use imperial guard stats)

hp 12
ac 20
Lightening bolt (2) 4d6 ( dc 14)
Slow: Half distance, -1 to attack and reflex.( 4 rounds)
Firebolt 9 ( 1d64)



10 4th level paladins:
ac 17
hp 39
Attack Club: ( 8 1d64)
Attack: Spear: ( *8+ 1d6 4) 10 foot reach.
Lay on hands 16 health.
Cure light wounds 1d8

ac 15
Attack club 5 1d64
Javalin 5 1d64

ac 20
hp 81
Attack 13/8
Damage 1d12+8.

hp 10
ac 17
Attack arrows + 7( 1d8 plus 1 point of fire.)

One time encounters.

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