Generic Npcs.

imperial guards.
These tough soldiers are the footmen of the imperial army. Well trained and equipped and veterens of many a battle they are feared for their fighting prowess. Most wear breastplate armor and wield large greatswords.
hp: 37
ac: 17
Attack: ( Greatsword) 9+ to hit 2d6+3 damage.
Attack: ( Crossbow) 8+ to hit 1d10 damage.
Int: +6
fort: +7
Ref: +3
will: +1

Shining lance:
hp: 80
Int: 0
Fort: +8
Reflex: +6
will: +6
Attack: + 14 ( 2d6 + 7)large longsword

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Orc grunts
These scarred warriors are the junky shocktroopers of the empire. Addicated to a drug called Rosa which is supplied by the empire the orcs have to work as grunts so they can get their fixed. Despite this they are some of the toughest warriors to be found and the empire owes several victorys to the orcs lust for battle. Most wield battleaxes, scimitars, greataxes and wear hide armor for protection. Some use composite longbow for long distance fighting.
Hp: 32
ac: 15
Attack: ( Scimitar ) 9 to hit, 1d66 damage.
Attack: ( Composite longbow.) 5+ to hit, 1d8+2 damage.
Int: +2
Fort: + 6
Ref: +3
Will: -1

Orc grunt barbarian.
_These orcs stand out from the other grunts as their stronger and tougher looking. They are prone to sudden bursts of rage and indulge the most in Rosa. They often wield greataxes more than any other weapons. _
Hp: 42
ac: 15
Attack: (Greataxe) 11 to hit 1d1210 damage.
Int: +2
Fort: +7
Ref: +3
Will: 1

Wildman: Savage fighter.
The near naked wildmen are known for their crazed devotion to the ancient gods. They attack the empire with zeal but are often repealled by the better armed and better trained imperial guards.
ac: 13
hp: 21
Attack ( Club) 4 ( 1d6 +2)
Attack ( javalin) +5 ( 1d6)
int: +3
ref: +3
Will: -1

Wildmen brute.
Wildman brutes are tall and muscalar and known for taking and dashing out damage. They tend to be humans and hobgoblins. The stronger ones are ogres and bugbears.
ac: 11
hp: 62
Attack ( Two handed masterwork club) 8 1d83
int: +1
Fort: +9
Ref: +2
Will: -2

Wildmen worshipper.
Wildmen worshippers are minor druids and wizards who have no true connection to the druidric circle. They choose to use their powers to further their battle with the empire instead of helping nature. They tend to use fire magic and minor plant magic with some healing thrown in.

Hp 12
ac 16
Attack: Claws 4 ( 1d63) Bite ( 1d4 plus mark of the beast.)

50 hp:
Ac 17
Attack: Claws 11 ( 1d87) Bite 6 ( 2d63)
Loping Charge: A werewolf can charge towards a person and attempt a grapple. The blow knocks the target down and gives the werewolf +2 to grappling. He does not invoke a attack op from target.
Jump: a werewolf can jump 40 feet.
Howl of the wolf: Howling causes foes to shrink in fear and have to make a dc willsave. A dc of 20 means they are unaffected. 15 means he becomes shakened. a dc 10 or lower makes them cower.

Generic Npcs.

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