Charms and runes.

Speed charm:

  • This flat square stone has several siguls carved into it. As you pick it up you feel lighter as if you could run faster than before.*
    5+ to speed.

Magic rune:

  • This round stone has a hole in which you could put a string through. On it’s bottom is a single druidric symbol. You can feel something pulsing in it like it’s trying to get out.*
    Magic attacks have a 1+ to damage.

Stealth charm:

  • This polished stick is about 2 inches tall and has black druidric writing on it. Holding it you feel like your footsteps are more silent*
    1+ to hide and move silently.

Charm of Vitality:

  • This snail shell rests comfortably in your hand and holding you feel healthy and robust.*
    1+ to hp.

Charm of grace:
This is a small bone with stripes running through it. It makes you feel more light feeted.
1+ to dex.

Charm of the animal:

  • This is a small skull of a chipmonk. Delicate to the touch. Across it’s forehead is druidric writing that flickers for a moment with green light.*
    2+ to handle animal checks.

Charm of pain:

  • This bone has been carved into a small knife like charm. Red paint covers the tip. Holding it you feel uneasy and the skin that touches it becomes sore as if you pricked your finger with it.*
    1+ to damage with weapons.

Rune of speech:

  • This necklace has a tooth at the center of it. Holding it you feel more fluent.
    2+ to diplomacy.

Charm of strength:

  • This twisted piece of wood is small enough to fit in the small of your palm and while holding it you feel stronger.*
    1+ to strength.

Charms and runes.

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