Baron Rishe:
Ac 25:
hp 88
17/12 ( 2d8+9)

Orlic Red Face.
This paper has a red faced hobgoblin snarling at you. You can see a scar that runs twisted through his nose. The paper reads the following. Wanted for banditry, Wearing armor without permit, the killing of two guards and kidnapping. 100 gold dead.

Orlic is a cruel hobgoblin who now resides in Pirates bay where he believes he’s safe from the law. He usually has a small band of hobgoblins with him. He wears breastplate and uses a large axe. He’ll flee if he thinks he’s outnumbered or outmatched.
Orlic is a 5th level fighter.

This paper has a fair looking elf girl on the cover. She has blond hair and green eyes and pale skin. The paper describes her a small and faylike. The paper reads the following. WANTED! For killing imperial workers and practicing druidric magic. 300 gold alive, 150 dead.

Sillian is the self designed protecter of the eastern woods. She’s attacked imperial woodcutters and driven them off from their work. She’s evaded their best rangers and trackers so the empire has put a large amount. The empire wants to make a example of her to show that druids are not tolerated.
Sillian is a 6th level druid.

This paper has a pale masked human on the front. He has white hair and a mask that looks like a scowling face with tusks and tribal symbols painted on. On his back is strapped a white ivory bow and arrows. The Paper reads the following, Wanted! Trunklock of the silvermoons for misuse of magic, The use of forbidden artifacts and killing imperial soldiers. 500 dead or alive.

Trunklock is a wizard who had a interest in druidric magic. He found a ancient war mask that he was conducting experiments on till he was found out and arrested for using a forbidden artifact. At his trial he defended druidic magic trying to change the law but he’s attempt failed and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and he could never use magic again. It is said that while he was being taken to jail the caravan holding him was attacked by wildman and they freed him. Now he fights against the empire using his new found skills in rangery and his old skills in wizardy.

Trunklock is a 4th level wizard and a 3rd level ranger.

_This paper shows a huge humanoid wearing black platemail and carrying a huge battle axe. His head is covered with black plate armor but you can tell by it’s shape that it’s a ogre. The paper reads the following, WANTED! For stealing emperial equipment, wearing armor without permit, murder, killing emperial soldiers and larceny.. Highly dangerous, approach with caution. 20000 gold dead. _

Morg was at first a experiment of the empire to see if they could intergrate natives into their army. They wanted to create a juggernut that could trample their foes. Morg was taken in, placed under powerful spells to make sure he followed orders, trained, given powerful armor and a axe and used against the empire foes. What they did not know was that Morg was a darkward ( The only ogre in the tribe) and that he’s kin was closely watching and waiting. One night they saw their chance and broke the spells on him and bonded him with the bull ( A demon of strength) and than let him loose. Morg cut and slaughtered his way out and escaped into the dark woods. Since than he’s wondered about in the woods alone, killing all those who get in his way except for his darkward kin. He caused the empire alot of distress hance the high price.

Morg is a level 10 fighter with bonus from his demon bond. ( The bull)

hp 133 ( Amualet of health 2)
Ac: 30 ( 5
natural, 3+ large full plate large. 3+ ring of protection.)
Attack: Large greataxe.( 22+ 3d6 +12) Multi attack( 10/5)
Fort: 13
ref: 4
will 5 ( +4 enhanced bull bond.)
Int: 10 ( Plus five from bond)
Damage resistance ( 10 against holy weapons. bull enhancement.)
Energy resistance ( fire 15) Bull enhancement.

Korliff and his band:
The picture shows a bald orc with a large scimiter and wearing leather armor. The paper reads the following: WANTED! for banditry, theft, desertation, and murder of a merchent. 50 gold pieces and a additional 10 gp for each of his crew.

Korliff is a orc who escaped from his legion to pursue a life of banditry. He has four other mixed race henchman who make up his crew.
Korliff is a 3rd level fighter and his henchman are 2nd level.

_The picture shows a man riding a large winged lion looking thing with huge spines. The man is holding a spear and wearing nothing but a loincloth. By the look of him he is Rorg-tua. The paper reads the following. WANTED! For treason against the empire, leading the wildmen in rebellion against the empire, murder, forgery of imperial papers and banditry. 1000 gold alive so he can face imperial justice. 800 dead. _

Rirke is the wildmens leader. He rides upon a manticore and has been fighting the empire for five years. He is a clever strategist and has caused the empire alot of trouble hance the high bounty.
Rirke is a level 10 barbarian.

Torin the bad:
This paper shows a human wearing a cap over his black hair. He looks to be Aldrin. The paper reads WANTED! for banditry. 50 gold dead or alive.

Torin is a lone bandit who has attacked lone merchants and travelers. He is a second level bandit.


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