Blackfire the sword

This greatsword is made of mithiril. It's blade is black as night and white runes that shimmer decorate the steel. The handle is also made of mithiril and has a large emerald set in the hilt.


The runes are ancient Roiga-Tua Blackfire.

Blackfire is a +3 greatsword with spell absorbing power.

The sword also grants a spell resistance of 10 ( does not stack with other resistance effects.)

On 1st to third level spells he rolls a d6. on a 1 to 3 the spell affects normally. 4 to 5 and the sword absorbs the spell and retains it as a charge. on a six the sword absorbs the spell and can throw it back.

4th to sixth spells roll a d12. On a 8 to 11 it absorbs the spell into a charge on a 12 it absorbs the spell and can be thrown back.

It is unknown if the sword can absorb spells of higher power.

The sword can have five charges at any time. A charge can be expended to activate one of four abilities it has.
A charge will allow the sword to become flaming, frost, shocking or it can detect magic.

When the sword absorbs the spell so it can be thrown back the sword only retains that spell for a day before it turns into a charge.

Wizards of greater power might rise the odds on any spell level for absorbation.

The sword only works for arcane magic.


Ederics was the original owner of the blade.

Back in the days of old Gorder the Silvermoons were growing in body. Using their magic they were conquering other tribes and cutting a deadly scythe through Gorder. A young Roiga-Tua named Ederic begged a ancient Alisoun mystic for the power to stop the silvermoons. The mystic made a great blade which he named Blackfire and give it to Ederic. Ederic used the blade to stop the tide of Silvermoons and killed many wizards with it. Eventually the Silvermoons returned to their own land and never attempted to rule Gorder again.

Ederic eventually grew old and was buried in his tomb along with his sword and a collection of spellbooks that he took off the bodies of wizards he killed.

Blackfire the sword

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